African Health Monitor

Issue #20 » October 2015

Special issue: Universal Health Coverage

Universal health coverage (UHC) aims to provide health care and financial protection to all people in a given country with three related objectives: equity in access – everyone who needs health services should get them, and not simply those who can pay for them; quality of health services – good enough to improve the health of those receiving the services; and financial-risk protection – ensuring that the cost of health care does not put people at risk of financial hardship. It is a powerful concept in public health, and one of the key areas of progress in health in the African Region.

This special issue of the African Health Monitor has a dual objective: firstly, it offers an overview of research on the subject of UHC in Africa; and secondly, it provides wider dissemination of research results presented and discussed in African scientific meetings. All the articles of this special issue originated from presentations made during the African Health Economics and Policy Association (AfHEA) 3rd biennial scientific conference held in Nairobi in March 2014. Eleven of the 188 presentations made at the conference were selected by a joint team of WHO staff and AfHEA members and expanded into full papers for publication in the Monitor.


Issue #13 » August 2010

Decade of African Traditional Medicine 2001–2010

The World Health Organization estimates that 80% of the populations of Asia, Africa and Latin America use traditional medicine to meet their primary health care needs. For many people in these countries, particularly those living in rural areas, this is the only available, accessible and affordable source of health care.

Issue #12 » April - June 2010

Health systems strengthening in the African Region

The Ouagadougou declaration and the challenges of strengthening health systems in the African region. According to WHO's definition, a health system comprises all organizations, institutions and resources devoted to producing actions whose primary intent is to improve health. Most national health systems include public, private, traditional and informal sectors. The four essential functions of a health system have been defined as service provision, resource generation, financing and stewardship.

Issue #11 » January - March 2010

Achieving the Health MDGs in the African Region

The Challenges of Achieving the Health MDGs in the African Region. During the last decade the World Health Organization Regional Office for Africa has published the African Health Monitor twice a year. The Monitor has strived to present to its readers the overall strategic approaches of WHO Secretariat's actions in support to Member States and the most significant achievements resulting from both those actions and countries' efforts.