Overview and introduction

The African Region is one of the six regions (see figure 1.1) in which the World Health Organization
(WHO) collaborates with countries in public health. With over 927 millions inhabitants in 47 countries
(see figure 1.3), it accounts for about one seventh of the world's population. This statistical atlas
describes the health status and trends in the countries of the African Region, the various
components of their health systems, coverage and access levels for specific programmes and
services, and the broader determinants of health in the Region, and the progress made on reaching
the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Each indicator is described, as appropriate, by place (WHO regions and countries in the African
Region), person (age and sex) and time (various years) using a bar graph. The aim is to give a
comprehensive overview of the health situation in the African Region and its 47 Members States.


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