Health MDGs and post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

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SDGs and the WHO Regional Office for Africa

Supporting countries to achieve the health related MDGs and sustaining
focus on health-related SDGs post-2015 is one of the five strategic
priorities of the WHO Regional Office for Africa.

Tasks ahead for countries

  •  Improve financing of the health sector
  • Strengthen health systems to achieve goals
  • Strengthen health information systems for improved monitoring of the SDGs
  • Develop a consensus on the key SDG indicators
  • Work with non-health sectors in planning and prioritizing SDGs targets
  • Maintain the dialogue with health development partners

Actions proposed for WHO and development partners

  •  Support countries in articulating their approach to health in the post-2015 development agenda,
  • Increase investment in implementation of the SDGs
  • Improve alignment of resources to country priorities

While the single health goal (SDG-3) captures the key aspects
of achieving good health, health is closely linked to many of the
other proposed goals. For example, health is a contributor to, and a
beneficiary of, poverty reduction, hunger relief and nutrition, safer
cities, lower inequality, sustainable consumption, affordable and
clean energy, the management of toxic chemicals, clean water and
sanitation, efforts to combat climate change, and the conservation of
aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems.