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Déterminants majeurs

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This analytical profile on key determinants is structured as follows:

5.1 Risk factors for health
5.1.2 Alcohol consumption
5.1.3 Drug use
5.1.4 Risk factors for chronic non-communicable diseases
5.1.5 Risky sexual behaviour
5.1.6 Hygiene (students)
5.1.7 State of surveillance
5.2 The physical environment
5.2.1 Analytical summary
5.2.2 Vector-borne disease
5.2.3 The urban environment
5.2.4 Indoor air pollution and household energy
5.2.5 Water, sanitation and ecosystems
5.2.6 Climate change
5.2.7 Toxic substances
5.3 Food safety and nutrition
5.3.1 Analytical summary
5.3.2 Food safety
5.3.3 Nutrition
5.3.4 State of surveillance
5.4 Social determinants
5.4.1 Analytical summary
5.4.2 Demography
5.4.3 Resources and infrastructure
5.4.4 Poverty and income inequality
5.4.5 Gender equity
5.4.6 Education
5.4.7 Global partnerships and financial flows
5.4.8 Science and technology
5.4.9 Emergencies and disasters
5.4.10 Governance

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