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The health information system in Ethiopia is run under different authorities. The routine health management information system is run primarily by the health sector, while population-based information comes predominantly from the Central Statistical Agency of Ethiopia. Besides the Central Statistical Agency, the Ethiopian Health and Nutrition Research Institute, universities and individual researchers conduct various population and health facility based research activities.

Summary of health information system assessment scores in Ethiopia, September 2011. HIS, health information system

A national health information system assessment was carried out in 2007 using the Health Metrics Network framework and tools and this was updated and validated in 2011 as a step towards developing a national health information system strategic plan.

The results show that indicators and information products are considered adequate but data management is very poor. Health information system resources, dissemination and use, as well as data sources coverage, are also inadequate (see table). The capacity of institutions to generate, analyse, disseminate and use health information differs.

The capacity of the Central Statistical Agency for undertaking censuses and other population-based surveys was considered adequate, but the Ministry of Health still needs more capacity to conduct surveys and to manage effectively the routine health information systems.

Based on these results, the Ministry of Health in collaboration with the Central Statistical Agency, Ministry of Justice and key partners, has developed an 8-year national health information system development strategic plan (2012/13–2019/20)[1] aimed at addressing the main gaps identified through the assessment.


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