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Analytical summary - General country health policies


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The Government of Liberia's 2011 National Health Policy builds on:

The 2011 National Health Policy draws upon the knowledge gained by implementing these policies as well as from numerous sources of new data on the health status of the Liberian population. Thus, the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare is confident that the 2011 National Health Policy’s orientation is evidence based and reflects the best information and guidance available at the time it was developed.

The mission of the Ministry is to reform and manage the sector to effectively and efficiently deliver comprehensive, quality health and social welfare services that are equitable, accessible and sustainable for all people in Liberia.

Liberia’s vision is for a healthy population with social protection for all and the goal is to improve the health and social welfare status of the population of Liberia on an equitable basis. To ensure that the 2011 National Health Policy is implemented, subsector policies were elaborated to buttress the Policy.

The Government has embarked on an ambitious process of decentralization, with a short-term to medium-term goal of health sector deconcentration of authorities to county health and social welfare teams and a long-term goal of devolving authority over several fiscal and administrative responsibilities directly to county administration.

Guided by the National Policy on Decentralization and Local Governance, the National Health and Social Welfare Policy and Plan (2011–2021), the Public Sector Reform Statement (2010) and with external technical and financial assistance, the Government is currently undertaking a number of relevant activities that will represent the skeleton of the decentralization process.

The overarching goal of the 2011 National Health Policy is for facilities and institutions to be managed effectively and efficiently and equipped with the right skills mix of qualified workers who will provide quality services that meet the highest professional and ethical standards and the sector’s needs.

In accordance with the National Health and Social Welfare Policy and Plan, the principles guiding the Human Resources for Health Policy are equity, efficiency, quality, sustainability, decentralization and partnership.

Health sector policies. Source: Government of Liberia

The Government is committed to financing health and social welfare at the highest level possible in order to maximize the resources available from all sources. The Health Financing Policy establishes a mixed approach to mobilizing resources that includes a sustainable level of Government financing, more efficient use of donor support and potential alternative financing mechanisms.

The Government will do its part by progressively increasing the share of the national budget that goes to the health and social welfare sector. The table provides a summary of available health and health-related policies.