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Produtos médicos, vacinas, infra-estruturas e equipamento

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A well-functioning health system ensures equitable access to essential medical products, vaccines and technologies of assured quality, safety, efficacy and cost effectiveness, and their scientifically sound and cost-effective use.[1]

Major components of the medicines market[2]

To achieve these objectives, the following are required:

  • national policies, standards, guidelines and regulations that support policy;
  • information on prices, international trade agreements and capacity to set and negotiate prices;
  • reliable manufacturing practices and quality assessment of priority products;
  • procurement, supply, storage and distribution systems that minimize leakage and other waste;
  • support for rational use of essential medicines, commodities and equipment, through guidelines, strategies to assure adherence, reduce resistance, maximize patient safety and training.

Major components of the medicines market are shown in the figure.

This section of the health system profile is structured as follows:

3.9.1 Analytical summary
3.9.2 Medical products Organization and management of pharmaceuticals Regulation, quality and safety of the pharmaceutical sector Drug procurement system Rational use of medicines
3.9.3 Vaccines Organization and management of vaccines Vaccines procurement system Cold chain and other quality issues
3.9.4 Infrastructures and equipment Organization and management of infrastructures and equipment Health infrastructures Medical equipment, devices and aids Information technology Maintenance policy and other quality issues
3.9.5 Clinical biology Organization and management of clinical biology Procurement system of clinical biology inputs Maintenance of clinical biology equipment Quality control of clinical biology equipment
3.9.6 Blood Organization and management of blood products Collection and distribution system of blood products Quality and safety of blood products
3.9.7 Priorities and ways forward
3.9.8 Others


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