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This section of the AHO provides analytical profiles of the African Region and Member States. The profiles exist in a collaborative space (based on wiki technology) allowing multiple stakeholders to produce, share and update these profiles.

Country analytical profiles are produced by a national stakeholder group coordinated by the ministry of health, assisted by the country office of WHO. The work on analytical profiles is being started in several countries and it is expected that all 46 countries will produce their profiles in the near future.

The profiles are based on both quantitative and qualitative information, and are comprehensive covering the following areas:

  • Introduction to Country Context
  • Health Status and Trends
  • The Health System
  • Specific Programmes and Services
  • Key Determinants
  • Progress on the Health-Related MDGs

This section also provides statistical profiles (overview and detailed factsheets) for all of the 46 countries in the African Region.